DNN Auction User's Manual

Auction Administrator Module

Add a Category
  1. Click 'Add Category'
  2. Enter a Category Name
  3. Click Update

Delete a Category
  1. Check the Category you want to delete
  2. Click Delete

Auction Administrator Settings

  1. Enter the Auction Fees .
  2. Bold
    ex. enter 1.
    Bills $1 when the User selects Bold option
  3. Highlight
    ex. enter 2.
    Bills $2 when the User selects Highlight option
  4. Winning Bid %
    ex. enter 5.
    It bills the Auction Lister 5% of the final winning bid fee ie. Winning Fee 400. He is charged $20
  5. Features
    ex. enter 6.
    Bills $6 when the User selects Featured option
  6. Listing Fee
    ex. enter 4
    Charges $4 per listing.
  7. Click 'Update'

Process Auction that Ended
  1. Click "Process Auction that Ended"
  2. Click all Items to process
  3. Click "Process Auction that Ended" (again)
    This will calculate all the fees and debit it to each User's Account.

Generate Billing
  1. Click "Generate Billing"
  2. Click "Send Payment Notice"
    This will send an email to all users with an outstanding balance.
    The email template is located at Desktopmodules/DNNAuction/emailformats/billing.htm

Linking your Paypal account
  1. Login Your PayPal account
  2. Click 'Profiles'
  3. Click 'Instant Payment Notification'
  4. Enter Notification URL 'http://[www.yourdomain.com]/DesktopModules/DNNAuction/paypalipn.aspx'
  5. Click 'Receive IPN messages (Enabled)'
  6. Click 'Save'

To send your customer back to the DNN Auction page (after paying via paypal)
  1. Login Your PayPal account
  2. Click 'Profiles'
  3. Click the 'Website Payment Preferences'
  4. Enter 'Return URL' http://[www.yourdomain.com]/[Your DNN Auction page]
  5. Click 'Save'

DNN Auction View

DNN Auction View sub-modules
  • My Feedback
  • All Selling
  • All Buying
  • Sell an Item
  • Ledger

My Feedback
shows the User his feedback profile. Total Feedback = Total Positive Feedback - Total Negative Feedback.

How to leave a Feedback
  1. Click "My Feedback"
  2. Click "Leave a Feedback"
  3. Select Positive, Neutral or Negative
  4. Click Update

You can only leave a feedback to another user if you are the seller or the buyer and if the auction has been processed by the administrator.

All Selling
  • Selling - List all active auction items.
  • Sold - List items that have ended with a winner
  • Unsold - List items that ended without a winner

Sell an Item
  1. Click 'Sell an Item'
  2. Enter Title
  3. Select CategoriesTo Add a Category
    Click on a category in the "Category Selection Box" (It is beside the "Add Category" button. ou can use CTRL+Click to highlight multiple items)
    Click "Add Category"
    It will be added to the Category listbox
    To Delete a Category
    Click on a category in the Category listbox
    Click "Delete Category"

    To select a Sub-category
    Select a category in the "Category Selection DropDown Box" (Above the word 'Editor')
    It will automatically populate the 'Category Selection Box"

  4. Enter Description
  5. Click Browse
  6. Select a JPG file
  7. Enter Quantity
  8. Select a Duration in days
  9. Enter 'Starting Price' - price the auction bidding starts
  10. Enter 'Reserve Price' - should be greater than 'Starting Price'
  11. Enter 'Incremental Bid' - bids must be divisible by incremental bid.
    Ex. Incremental bid is 150. User's bid price must be 150,300,450 etc.
  12. Enter 'Buy It Now' price - This will disappear once a bid is placed.
  13. Enter a Location
  14. Select Payment Method
    How the Winner can pay for the the Items.
  15. Select Where will you Deliver
    Where can you ship the item.
  16. Select Delivery Fee
    Who pays for the delivery fee.
  17. Special Listing Options
    Check Bold - show a bold title
    Check Highlight - highlight the title
    Check Gallery - show a thumbnail of the image
  18. Click Update

Re-list an Item
  1. Click Unsold
  2. Click Re-list beside the Item
  3. Select a Duration in days
  4. Click Update

All Buying

Items I Didn't Win - List items you didn't win
Items Won - List items you have won
Bidding - List items you are currently bidding
Watching - List Items a you are watching

By default a user can be both a buyer and seller. To limit the user to "Buyer Only" or "Seller Only"

Create a Buyer only module
  1. User DNN administrator module to create a "Auction Buyer Only" role
  2. Assign a user to "Auction Buyer Only" role
    When the User logs in the "DNN Auction View", he will only be able to see the "All Selling"

Create a Seller only module
  1. Create a "Auction Seller Only" role
  2. Assign a user to "Auction Seller Only" role
    The user will be only able to see the "All Selling" modules

How to add an Item to your Watch-list
  1. Click on the Item Name
  2. Click 'Add to Watch-list'

How to Bid on an item
  1. Click on an Item Title
  2. Click 'Place a Bid'
  3. Click 'Continue'
  4. Click 'Submit Bid'

When the 'Buy it Now' is clicked. An e-mail is sent to the buyer and the seller (Administrator). The item is then automatically processed (no need to process auctions that ended).

Auction Item Module

Count all active items separated into "Auction" and "Buy Now" items.

Ex. If "Item A" is an "Buy Now" and listed in Art and Coins cateogory

The "Buy Now" Art and "Buy Now" Coins will each have a (1) count.